Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trucks.....Got One?

Well its been a crazy crazy week THE Donald sold his truck last week and hasn't found another he wen to Houston to look at a Chevy was there 3 days and came home still truckless. He got home at 3:30am thursday night and of course we are suppose to leave early Friday to head to my Mom's then Indy for the FFA Convention. So, we have been looking on every web site there is to find one. We found a really nice Megacab we really liked in Bonham. We planed on leaving Fri morning but didn't get gone until about 1pm and headed straight to Bonham. We let the sales guy know we were on the way to look at it and would be there about 7:30 or 8 and he told us no problem. Well we pulled in and found the sales guy and ask where the megacab was....his reply was "Oh it sold like 20mins. ago "No &#%@ing Way" we were PISSED so then he tried to sell THE Donald everything but what he wanted. THE Donald said Let's GO NOW!!! By this tim it's 10pm and we still had to drop the two corgi brats, Pistol and Ruby, off in Weatherford with Matt and Taylor, then off to Mom's. So another late night and early morning and MORE driving......Off to Indy..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Drinks Gone Wrong


So last night a group of us went out for Sara's birthday for a drink at Wired Wabbit her in the big city of Childress, America. So our "Group" consisted of Myself, THE Donald, Sara & Josh, and Sara's brother Johnny. So let me just give you a run down of what the inside of The Wired Wabbit looks like...... There is a big long bar on one wall and tables in front of the bar which take up half the room, the other half consist of a dance floor, pool table, and yes a stripper pole (no stripper though..and clothes must stay on) oh and don't for get the naked girl painted on the wall(about the only place in Childress that serves alcohol). So we sat down at a big table in the middle of the place and ordered drinks, THE Donald and I got food too, and it wasn't too busy but there were some characters in there. Two guys about our age sat at the table next to us and chatted a bit there were a bunch of men were at the bar,a few couples at other tables, and one old man sitting in the corner with a younger guy. So let me elaborate about "the old man"..... He had no teeth not one, he smoked like a freight train, poor guy was just old white trash...His tongue was out of control! It was in his mouth moving around out of his mouth moving around really scaring everyone except the guy sitting with him.
So we sing Sara "Happy Birthday" the bartender bring her a "blow job" (a shot) they make her drink with no hands we hoop and holler having a good time.....then....the creepy white-trash crazy 8inch long tongue guy with no teeth walks over to our table and begs Sara to dance with him.Of course she is horrified and says "OH NO I Can't Dance!!" So he asks again and again. After Sara said NO for the third time he precedes to tell her his friend at the table will strip for her birthday. By this time Sara and I are laughing so hard at this creepy guy we can barley breath. After that little stunt he danced by himself and his friend left. He sat quietly at his table by himself for a while and we had a few drinks finishing the night up. Josh, Sara, and Johnny decided it was time for them to go home but THE Donald's friend Ryan showed up to play some pool so we hung out for a while. Well the little table in the corner the old white trash guy was sitting at just happened to be right next to the pool table. Well Ryan in a funny guy and likes to give everyone a hard time or just make fun of you. THE Donald and Ryan began playing pool, every time I looked at Ryan he stuck his tongue out and rolled it around at me like the creepy guy. While that was going on creepy guy was trying to help THE Donald play pool telling where and what ball to shoot at so I wasn't sure who to laugh at I was just laughing. Finally Ryan and THE Donald introduce there selves to this old dude claiming to be FRED and Donny. Then introduced me as Stacey but we never got a name from old dude... So the next game of pool Ryan aka Fred talk old white trash dude into playing....Tried to get him to bet a $100 on the game or "buy a round for the house" but old w.t. dude said "Oh No I don't bet on pool. So Ryan broke and then scratched shortly after... old w.t. dude stood t the end of the table and studied the balls on the table really concentrating on what he was gonna go with that tongue just going wild with Ryan not far behind him with his tongue going wild.. I couldn't even stand there still uncontrollably laughing I had to almost walk away. But he finally shot the ball and didn't hit a damn thing which made it that much funnier. By the time they finally finished that game I was ready to go...So we paid out and told the people we knew bye I waived and walked really fast past the old w.t.dude. Ryan & THE Donald weren't as smart as me, Ryan got a hand shake from him and headed for the truck and THE Donald well....poor guy got a half hug, a hand shake, and a crumbled up posted note.....So we get outside and he uncrumbles the note and reads it just shaking his head. THE Donald hands me the post it and says I think the old w.t. dude meant to give this to you or Sara.... Looking down I read the note

It Said......


I screamed and about peed my pants laughing and took it to Ryan to read.... Ryan just told THE Donald "I knew he was looking at you funny with that tongue just going crazy, he wanted you man..." So I then had to call Sara and tell her what happened. She just died laughing too and told THE Donald "See he was just talking to me to get to you" So we went out and THE Donald got a phone number and a new boyfriend.....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Costume Party

Josh Prater WOW so Josh Turned 21 and decided he wanted to have a Costume Party!!! Sounded great to all of us....until we found out what Josh's costume was going to be I quickly told his girlfriend Sara I was uninviting myself......As shown in the pics below Josh came as a life gaurd with his speedo and youth med shirt which on the back read "Don't Hassell The Hoff" It was like a car wreck the more you tired not to look the more you stared!!! But he had a great time and love the personalized beer mugs THE Donald and I got him.

All of us girls......

We got ready before the party at "Sisters" (my salon). Jaclyn, Steph and her friend Joleen showed up shortly after Sara, Summit, and I started getting our hair, make-up, and costumes on. I had a BEER KEG costume to wear but the girls voted and said I was not allowed to wear it.....since I lost 44lbs I had to wear a cutesy costume.....So Sara dug out a Pixie/fairy costume she wore last year and it was perfect. THE Donald wasn't too excited about dressing up so he wore tennis shoes (which he never does) and a t-shirt, the minute he walked in Sara hollered "He is wearing Tennis Shoes....What the #%@&!!!" And Josh proceeded to caress him.....

And Josh tells THE Donald "I am so proud of you, you weren't even nervous!!!"
As the night went on It got pretty crazy with all the drinking these crazy people were doing, which THE Donald and I weren't...We both had one drink...THE Donald had a Red Bull* and Vodka and I had a glass of wine and some cottage cheese....

Since I have lost so much weight I wasn't about to eat the chips and cheese dip for dinner so I brought my Lara Bar and My Cottage Cheese and got made fun of but that's ok cause I looked good doing it!!! We had a blast hanging out for Joshes b-day! It's getting really close to THE Donald's B-day October 28th and Mine December 25th YEAH!!! We will both turn the big 24. Super Excited to be back to blogging!!!

Party Like a Pixie!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

College Takes Up So Much Time

I had no I idea this crazy college idea was going to be such a pain in the ass. Last semester when The Donald took his online classes through Hillsboro they were super easy!! These that we are taking at Clarendon are tuff!!! I am taking a computer class that is crazy extensive and confusing! My Us History class is OK I guess lots of writing, 2 essays, a lecture response, a quiz, and a test for every chapter its really a lot plus reading the chapter. My music class is going good I think the teacher might be crazy all the summer semester stuff is all still up and no fall semester stuff, its bizarre.P.E. well its kind of a joke. It's called walking for fitness all I do is log any walking or work out I do and turn it n at mid semester and the end of the semester. Then there is Orientation I have to attend on Mondays but it is super easy so far! But They take up so much time and energy I don't have any free time of any sort!!! Alot has been gong on in the last few weeks.....
THE Donald and I got a new kid a girlfriend of sort for Pistol. Her name is Ruby she is also a pure breed crogi. We plan to have little corgi pups before to terribly long, its a new fun adventure for us!!! We also went to pick up another horse for me,Grey, to rope off of because I am tired of watching everyone else rope!! And of course school started. We finally got the new make up line in at the salon,its been crazy. We have unpacked boxes done inventory and priced everything plus gone through training. This weekend we are taking merchandise to the Quanah Fall Festival to sell and advertise the i.d.bareMinerals. The new hairdresser started today,Cassidy, I really enjoy the company, at least one day a week!!! I hope it really works out!!!

That's my craziness for now until next time
Party Like A Pirate

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bye Bye Belly

Finally it only took 3 months and -34lbs. later my belly is leaving me. I am super duper extra ecstatic my pooch is going going almost gone!!!! My stomach is looking flatter and flatter everyday I don't think it has every looked so good!!! Everything is smaller, I went bra shopping, yes again, this past weekend and bought just one.... It was weird I tried on the size I haven't worn since little Jr.high no joke. It was crazy to see such a little thing on me I was not used to being a D. I am loving every second of it though.... I will have new pics soon.

Compliments have been great but some I don't really know how to take.... This lady here in town (she is super skinny) said to me "Kacy you walked in and it was like half of you was gone!" I thought to myself well was i really that big.... My other favorite is "You look so good, I never thought you needed to lose any weight, but you look soooo good NOW!" people just make me laugh.... And again compliments are great just some a phrased a little off...

School School School

Ok so finally at the age of 23yrs. I decide to start college, I am such a grown up... I am taking 5 classes for a total of 13 college hours, but I only have to actually go to class on Mondays for about 55min. I can't really complain its all online. The first week has been good, now the first day wow was it confusing there online classes aren't set up the same as Hill college. (where THE Donald went last year) Just getting use to the different set up was a little bit frustrating more for THE Donald than me but still frustrating. So in History nothing is due for a while but we have to read 3 long and boring chapters. So the over achiever I was trying to be I took my book last night and planed on reading a bit while THE Donald roped. I got about 4 pages in all comfy in the front seat of the pick up and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I feel right asleep I guess I needed a nap. Hopefully I can make it a little further next time.

FYI, THE Donal will be using my page a bit for one of his classes reading/writing. So if there are a few things that you think to yourself why did Kacy post that I Probably DIDN'T........

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Early Morning

Its another Wildhair day today with a full day just like every other I wonder if I will ever have a date with my couch at this rate..... I have been working crazy 7am-9pm hours its kinda silly!!! I am ready for school to start so I can sleep a little longer. Don't get me wrong I am thankful for being busy and I will long for this days when I am sitting around picking my nose next month lol... But the weekend are busy too we have a team ropin this weekend I am going to take stuff to sell, so that will be very time consuming wish me luck back t work I go!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can't Wait

I am so super excited about Saturday!!!! Ok so I have been off the HCG for about weeks now and have kept my weight between 133lbs.-137lbs. during maintenance ifeel like I have done awesome!!! I will go back onto the Hcg and 500 calorie diet on Saturday wich most people would cringe about but I am PUMPED I feel get when I am on the diet. I haven't decided weather or not to do a 21 day round or just do the 40 days I really need to lose about another 10bs. and rearrange some fatty areas ( the belly!!! oh yea and the love handles we aren't really in love anymore lol) So Saturday I will take the nose spray and LOAD, which means eat as much fatty foods as I can consume without getting sick!!! THE Donald and I are going to Memphis Tx for a team roping and Mighty burger is right down the street I don;t think I will have a problem....and I plan on making some cinnamon rolls and a cake to take with us hopefully I won't come home with leftovers...... So hopefully I can really keep up better with this silly ole blog I have been crazy busy with school about to start and the new makeup line coming in but I have been feeling great and looking good that's what matters!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

They Come and Go

I am so glad God made me a strong willed and hard working woman. It seems like every time I turnaround I get new hairstylist in the salon they last about a year and move on. I started to wonder "Is it me what an I doing wrong?" But its not me..... God has a plan for everyone and I helped many people when help was needed. I started to feel used and abused but it all happens for a reason I am stronger for what I have been through!! I am now the only full time hairdresser in the shop but Pauline will get out of school and start working by January I heard there are also a few others in school that want to work here. Christy is still working one day a week!! I know God has a plan for our business he keeps me busy and I am so thankful for that!!! Keely is still doing massage on Tues. and Thurs. and Denise Hassell is starting Mon. Wed. Fri. massages!!! We have a great team and are ready to go nowhere but UP!!!

Bare Minerals

I am so SUPER DUPER excited our salon is about to start selling Bare Minerals make-up!!! If you have never worn it you should try it. My skin has never looked so good!!! Its light and pure! Come by and check it out the week before school starts!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Wow to be slow at work I have been super busy!!! Thing just race around in my Brain all day I fell like i need to go go go! I have so much more energy that I don't know what to do with now that I have lost 30lbs...... I go home and cook and clean and wash clothes THE Donald thinks I am on crack!!!! I just feel really good and really like looking good!!! I did snort something up my nose to get skinny but it wasn't crack it was a nose spry, HCG(pregnancy hormone)!!!

I have looked and look for a heart rate moniter watch wow there are a million of them on ebay its crazy!!! If anyone knows a good one fill me in!!! I want to do the P90X workout system that why I need the watch, and its good to know that info about yourself.

I will try to check in a little more often I get super side tracked!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Food

Ok so I finished my 40 round of HCG on Tuesday and the 5oo Calorie diet tommorow!!! So now I get to EAT when I want and how much I want I have to watch out for sugars, starches, and cows' milk. I have new pictures YEA!!!! Here are the berfore and after from my 40 days!!! 30lbs lighter Look at y neck wow!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

So today is the last day of my HCG and since June 6th I have lost 27lbs!!!! That means about 15% off my body weight. I found out last night I lost the most in my group so I won and awesome $$$$$ Prize!!!!! I am so excited I will post new pics as soon I can get them up. I feel amazing!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Big Loser

Ok so I have been doing the HCG Diet (Pounds & Inches By Dr. Simeons,Google it) since June 6. I started at 164 and now weigh 145 as of July 1. The pictures on the left were taken June 1 and the pictures on the right were taken June 27 my shape has really changed. Especially in my chest. I was in a "G cup" holy moly I had to order bras you can't find a 34 G anywhere its crazy but now I am back down to a D or DD its GREAT!!!! Not to mention I feel SO GOOD!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cowgirl Donna

Okay let me introduce you to the people in this story so maybe you wont get lost....
Rustie(the girl who got us into this works @ Owens Farm supply)
Lonnie(the guy who gave her THE Donald's #, also works @ Owens)
Brandy & Aric (the home & property owners)
Ryan & Emmy (the people living in the barn taking care of the horses)
Billy (the guy who hangs around he is Emmy's cousin)

Wednesday afternoon DAY 1 this woman comes riding up on two horses and parks them on the 160 degree black top parking lot at Owens Farm Supply. She walks in and talks to Rustie, ask if she knew somewhere she could camp out for the night and needed a horsehoer. So Rustie looked outside and felt super sorry for the horses they were sweating and looked awful. So she called Brandy and Emmy and told her she could put here horses there but would need to get a hotel room. Then Lonnie told her to call THE Donald phone number so she could call to get shoes put on her horses.

So I get a phone call from THE Donald about 2 o'clock asking me if I would like to go with him after work to "shoe some crazy ladies horse"..... Well THE Donald thinks everyone is crazy so I didn't think much about it. But THE Donald comes and picks me up after work and we head out....We were suppose to pick her up at the motel (really classy motel) but Donna had been to the emergency room for her hip.... So we head over to Brandi & Aric's place and wait like 30 min. She popped out of nowhere scared me and THE Donald half to death. Ole Donna introduced herself to the pair of us and handed me a big stack of pictures of her and her horses. I wish I could explain to you the way she talked it was like backward hillbilly redneck crazy woman talk. (not to mention her false teeth that don't fit to good) So THE Donald proceeds to shoe her bay horse "TONTO", wasn't Tonto a paint? Speaking about a paint horse.... Donna then goes on to freak out a little and tells us she thinks her paint horse "JAY" (who's a girl???) is sick that there is just something wrong. Donna went to pacing and acting silly got a lunch box full of supplies and gay her two different pastes of god only knows what?? She then tells me she "Thinks Jay is colicing" I told her "Sounds like to me you need to start walking her and get some water." Well her ADD then kicked in Tonto (the horse THE Donald is shoeing) starts acting up so she opens his mouth grabs his tongue pulls it out and twists it and tells him "you better stand still or I'll whip you ass..." Well by this time Rustie had shown up and we are in the back of the truck just out of control laughing at the woman. We think she is insane!!!! So back to worrying about Jay she goes and takes off to walk him and turns to me and Rustie and Says "If Tonto acts up just kick him in the belly of grab aholt of his tongue!" Rustie and I just wink at each other and say OK Donna OK!! SO Donna takes off walkin' ole' Jay talking to herself or the horse I am not sure which one... But she walked her for about an hour then we called the vet to come out. Talk about antisocial, grouchy old man wow that was the vet. He showed up talk to Donna for a second looked over the horse told Ryan to run her in the pen to get some gas out of her. Poor Rustie tried to talk to him and I think I heard a growl. After they ran her a while and no chance the vet went to get a different medicine when he can back he injected Jay with a hardcore muscle relaxer. Although I though when a horse was colicing you were suppose to keep it moving who knows but she went down pretty fast. The poor horse was out for about an hour. By this time THE Donald was finishing up but we couldn't leave we were too involved lol. So once Jay started getting up Donna had more hope and walked her more and more circle after circle. I think we all walked this horses at some point. By this time Ryan was a little pissed off at Rustie for bringing this woman to the barn but hey what do you do Rustie didn't know the horse would get sick. By the time it started getting dark I looked at the horses gums and the were very white with means she was dehydrated and her eyes were glassy I knew this horse was gonna die. The problem was making here understand she was dying we needed to put her down because she was in pain. So at this point the vet won't answer the phone Donna is cussing him and laying over the horses crying "Take Me Not Jay" that's when I thought wow she is CRAZY!!! And in the same breath she looked up at me and Rustie and told us she had bought Jay for $100 at a horse sell. I thought to myself You got a discount that horse made it from Arcadia Fl. to Childress Tx. DANG!!! Then here comes Ryan and bluntly tells her he will shot the horse and bury it out back they already have a good hole for it. My jaw hit the ground when he said it. Well Donna just went back to crying and it took all of us another hour to convince her to just go back to her hotel room and we will take care of it. So its 10pm and everyone is here now Emmy & Ryan, Brandy, Billy, Rustie, Donald & I we have a party going lol. So Rustie takes Donna back to her hotel and Ryan goes to get the tractor. So we put the poor horse out of its misery and they guys chain her up and we take her to the back so Ryan can bury her.

Tonto , Jay, and Donna
RIP Jay (the paint horses)

Ok so now on to DAY 2 as if one wasn't bad enough... I got up and went to work just like a normal day work all day long. Rustie came in to get her hair done at about 5:30 and was texting Emmy while she was here. So Emmy tells her they are trying to find Donna a horse for less than $1000. I pick up the phone and call THE Donald because it was Thursday and he was at the sell barn working, I know there would be a bunch of old cowboys there and he could find something. THE Donald ask around and OLD MAN Glen sid he had the perfect horse for her. He had a little 4yr old sorrel mare that was broke and been ridden on the road, she was ready to go. So then I Had to call Donna and tell her. When I called her she didn't sound to excited said she couldn't calm down about Jay dying so she went to the doctor to get a muscle relaxer....this was the 2nd trip to the hospital since she got to Chidress. Rustie and I told her we would come get her and take her to Wellington about 30miles so she could look at the horses when I got done working. Rustie helped me clean up the salon and off we went to get Donna and go meet THE Donald. We finally get to OLD MAN Glen house and Donna has cryed about Jay half was there we were ready to be there. THE Donald had here saddled, ready for Donna to ride. Donna rode her round and THE Donald rode his horse next to her down the road. We cut up with OLD MAN glen for a little bit until they returned, when they did Donna was sure trying to talk OLD MAN Glen off the $800 price tag. OLD MAN Glen to her to take it up with THE Donald it was his deal. Well, let me tell you OLD MAN Glen is pushing 80yrs. old. Donna said "Oh is this your boy?" THE Donald is 23yrs. lol But OLD MAN Glen rolled with it he just said "Yep sure is" Me and Rustie had to step away we were laughing so hard I might have peed myself..... So Donna finally caved and said she had to have a horse so she bought her. THE Donald was nice enough to put her in the trailer and haul her back to town, while we hauled Donna back. She cryed on they way home too it was crazy I would have been excited to have a new horse (that was better than the dead one!!!) But we got back and she ask THE Donald to come put shoes on it the next afternoon so she could head out Saturday morning. He told her he would come about lunch time to do it.

Day 3
Donald showed up about lunch to shoe the new horse OLD MAN Glen called her "Sweetie" and Donna had packed everything and rode Tonto & Sweetie together to make sure they would get along. Donna said Sweetie has an attitude and she is kinda bitchy...(shes a mare duh!) THE Donald just shook his bead and went on to put shoes on her. She had never had shoes so Sweetie didn't act so sweet!!! But I now found out she calls her BITCH, that's nice. Donna told THE Donald she was ready to head out of town and her next stop was the town we live in. HOLY CRAP I HOPE SHE DOESN'T FIND MY HOUSE!!!

Day 4
Donna said she wanted to leave by 6(good luck with that). Rustie and I went to a meeting in Wichita that morning and left the house at 6 expecting to see her we didn't. She did not leave until like 11, crazy that's the heat of the day!!! So when Rustie and I came back home we went to check in with Donna, I had a feeling she would be camped out on the square I was right!!! Rustie did not want to stop lol, but the soft heart I have or just been nosey stopped by. I wish I would have taken a picture she had more stuff spread out all over the picnic table and all over the ground. I have no IDEA how she had all that packed on a horse. I offered to go home and get her a sandwich but she was kinda crabby about it. She told me "I don't know why everyone wants to bring me bread, I can't eat it. I got my teeth kicked out by a bull when I used to ride and these dentures just don't fit good enough to be eatin' no bread." I laughed to my self.... But she got here some fritos and a drink at the Liquor store because that is all that is in this town!!!

And that was the last I saw of Donna I heard she made it to amarillo not sure if she stettled there or kept on keepin' on but wow it was a few crazy days with COWGIRL DONNA......

Surgery fo Tripp

Okay we have a diagnosis- pyloric stenosis. We will know shortly after the test get back if the surgery will be this evening or tomorrow. It is a very common problem, the opening to his small intestine is to small and needs to be made larger so that he can get food. He vomits due to the fact that the formula has no place to go. So he will be fixed when we leave here. The surgery will be done in 8 mins and all the stitches will be inside so no major scars. He will be able to eat 4 hrs after he gets out of surgery. Please pray for us. We are so relieved that we now know what the problem is. Thanks for everyone that has help with everything.

Tripp Wayne

My little nephew who is about 4 weeks is in the hospital today at Lubbock. The whole gang is here GoGo(my mom),Keely,Steve,and I. They think the entrance to the small intestine his too small so everything he eat come back up and more the poor little guy is miserable. Hopefully everything will be fine pray for us!!! I will keep you updated as soon as we know if surgery is needed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was so excited today I got to the post office and had finally gotten my car magnets and new business cards!!! They are super cute!! So my co-worker Trini got to the salon a little after I did, we had a little bit of time to kill before the hair cutting began. Since i got the new car magnets I had to go outside and put them on. Poor Trini she got the hand me down magnets that have been on my car about 2 months(she was just excited to get some). So Trini and I head out an take the old ones off my car to her car and I go to put mine on........All of a sudden I hear this crazy hissing noise and Trini screaming and running, I couldn't even ask her what was happening I was laughing so hard!!!!! All I could hear was BAT IT'S GONNA GET ME!!! I go check things out acting all tuff and thought how cute......

It was just hanging out on the side walk.... I think it was sleep walking or flying(bats can do that right). I have seen him before he usually sleeps up in the awning above where he was when he hissssed at Trini. As I was telling Trini how cute he was he hissed at me to so what do I do screamed lol. Well the is a Tattoo shop across the street from the salon so I went and ask poor Jodi for help.(I am always asking Jodi for something poor guy) But he came right over to save the day.........

The bat seemed a little upset Jodi was ruining his nap. Jodi wrapped him up in a towel which made the little guy happy he stopped hissing and squealing. I will be happy to say Jodi will release him back to the Wild(Downtown) when it gets dark.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sandell Drive-in

Casey and Wyatt stayed with THE Donald and I all week until Saturday morning. So we decided that we had to take them to the Drive-in movie there last night here!!! Of course I made my dinner before we went in a togo container(talapia strawberries and spinach) and the rest of the crew ate when we got there b/c they have awesome hamburger. But back on tract we went to Sandell Drive-in Movie

And of course we saw a kiddy movie which I love!!! We got to see UP!!!

Although it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be we snuggled up in the back of the car and in lawn chairs close by.

The drive-in is always a great place to go for a date or family getaway we always have a great time!! Kids especially b/c there parents can't say no to good ole' glow sticks and necklaces!!! Hints Wyatt playing!!!

And THE Donald playing too. Throwing popcorn to Wyatts mouth he only caught one!!!

We had alot of fun even though the mosquito's were out!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


OK so on this crazy diet I am on I have had to really dig down to find my inner chef!!!! I also found a cook book for this diet is that So I mad my lunch for today last night and let me just tell you how good the tomato soup was.....I minced a garlic clove and let it simmer in chicken broth while I blended two Roma tomatoes and a pinch of fresh cilantro in the blender. I then add the tomatoes with Cayenne pepper, celery salt, and basil. Let it simmer about 10mins OMG the best Tomato soup ever!!!! And I have discovered homemade apple sauce, jamacan grapefuit, all kind of crazy things. I love it!! As of today I have lost 13lbs. And I feel GREAT!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EventFULL Monday

June 15 Happy Birthday Keely (my sister)

So we woke up Monday and went to Wal-mart to get birthday cards and cake mix when Kacy (that's me) gets this bright idea she wants to plant Crape Mertals in the front yard. So we ventured back to the garden section bought 4, 2 purple & 2 pink, and a hanging plant, mulch, garden soil, fertilizer the hole nine yards. So we get back home and I don't want to dig that just silly so I decide to go see Jeff (the guy 2 blocks down) to borrow the TILLER. It was to heavy to lift in the truck, so at TURTLE speed i walked 2 blocks behide this monster to till up about 6foot x 2foot of ground. I am a genius. It was a long hot walk for no more than I tilled up.

So I planted bushes last year and killed them all and one decide to come back from the dead so I had to get THE Donald to come help me dig that bad boy up, I think Casey was telling him how to do it. But we got it up finally, now we are waiting for the rest of the grass to die (cause THE Donald said so) and we will plant the crape mertals later this week. It was a good thing we decide too because I got light head those 250 calorie i get at lunch don't last long.

So when Missa Tacy (thats what wyatt calls me) went inside to cool down and take a shower Wyatt caught himself a Rolly Polly and was super duper excited!!!!

So as if we did not have enough excitement THE Donald want to see how much water was in the Red River which is usually dry. So we loaded up and headed up the highway about a mile to check out the river and Holy Crap the water was running..... So of course I had to get in it I couldn't resist.

So i convinced Wyatt to come out threw the mud to see the water he didn't make it very far before he hit a good slick spot and busted it..........
So he decided it was much more fun to stand and watch with THE Donald..........

The KCs had no fear of slick spots or sink hole we got right out in the middle if it!!!

THE Donald made us ride in the back of the truck home so we didn't get red dirt every where!!!
I think we have about decided we want to go tubbin'!!!

Man It was a long Monday!!!!

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SO my friend Casey and her son Wyatt came to stay the week with me and THE Donald. They got here on Saturday, we meet up in Wichita falls about lunch time (I had to go way with Dr.Fitt lost another 5lbs) and they followed us home. We just kinda hung out Saturday afternoon. But Sunday The KC's (Kacy & Casey) got busy we painted my island in my kitchen that has been naked for the last 2 yrs... & WE CLEANED the kitchen and planned a Menu for the week. On this diet I am not suppose the eat the same meats twice in a row, so I do chicken for lunch its easy to cook the night before and fish for dinner. So us KCs have tried Talia, orange roughy, pangasious, and flounder. They have all been really good the roughy is a little bit fishy tasting but still good! I feel like all we have done has cooked one thing after another.....but we did have a BIG day Monday............

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our afternoon at the Red River

These are a few photos Dr. Mitchell took................

THE Donald
Tank and Pistol

Myself upon Arney and THE Donald on Master P


I had a very strange week last week that lead me to what I am doing today.........

It all stared Monday the June 1st THE Donald was out riding Arny(an outside horse he is training) in a big field close to the highway, and he was not in a good mood it was HOT he was a little pissy and the man pulled over in a little car and asked if he could take his picture. THE Donald was not very excited about it but told him it was fine. When this man finished taking pictures, THE Donald went and introduced himself to DR. Roby Mitchell(really cool guy). They talked a while then decided to come to the house and have lunch. It was Monday so I was home doing laundry and house stuff(which I HATE). So here comes THE Donald and this strange man, he has invited to eat lunch and go ride horses.(long story short) After about 3 hours of riding horses and playing with the dogs down on the river, not to mention all the pictures, I began to chat with Roby when we got back to the house about what he does for a living. I found it very interesting that he works with cancer patients and health and weight loss. We talked more while THE Donald was trimming horses at a ranch down the road. I found out that Roby was DR.FITT who knew........ He told me about living in Seattle and traveling all about training different doctors about the weight loss and health management program. So I was super excited to hear about it. I have always been that kid that was always sick and in the doctor if he had something that was going to make me better I was all in for it!!! So he started a group in Wichita Falls and he found me just in time i was really lucky he let me jump in with them(I am a few days behind but who's counting). So Roby, THE Donald, and I went back home and Dr.Fitt check me out ask 5 billion questions about everything down to my birth weight. It was crazy.

So let me tell you was I am doing........
I am following Dr.Simeons Protocol. I had to read the manuscript before I could start this "PROJECT"(you can google his name and find his manuscript). I am taking what is called HCG through a nasal spray with several different supplements. With what I am on I am not hungry at all its amazing!!!!! I started the HCG Saturday and "loaded" for two days, which means I ate fatty foods to capacity both days I was miserable!!! Monday I started my 500 calorie diet 100grams of meat, 1 veggie from a list, and 1 fruit. I am doing great!!! I have lost 5.5lbs so far!!!
Hopefully I can keep motivated, I get 500 cal. for 40 days


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All About ME

Hello everyone My name is Kacy for those who don't know me...... I am 23yrs old. I am a liscenced Hair dresser, Massage Theripist, Permanet Make-up artist, and many other things.....
I run my family owned salon in Panhandle of Tx called Sisters salon with my mom and sister and stay extremly busy most of the time. I have a boyfriend Donald Kiddo  (he is pretty great) he is also 23yrs old,he trains and shoes horses (DK Farrier Service)for a living. We have been together for about 3 1/2 yrs on and off. We live in a little town in west texas population 168. We have 3 kids (with tails there dogs) Tank he is a 7yr old border collie cadahula mix, BeaGee she is a 5yr old pit, and Pistol Pete is a 2yr old corgi. We also have Donald's baby a 5yr old sorrel gelding named Master P. Not to forget the kittys Grason and Maddy they just had a litter of three, super cute.

About Me

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I am outspoken...I am little country...I love dogs...I hate snakes...I like to listen to TEXAS country...Red and Turquoise are my favorite colors...Live in a town of 168...I am independant...Love to travel...Friends what would I do with out them...I am hard headed but sensitive...I love Ft.Worth but only for the weekend...The Rodeo well I could stay all day...I talk too much...I love to dance...I hate suits and ties on a man...I love pick-up trucks...I get road rage on a regular basis...I love to hang out with my family...I hate fighting...Flowers well what girl doesn't like flowers...I love to sit and watch the team ropin!!!...I would do just about anything to help just about anyone...I am too trusting...I love KIDS...I have two tatoos...I love Dragonflies...Most people either love me or hate me!!!!...Pendelton well thats my favorite drink better than crown....Las Vegas sin city I love it!...I do Hair, permanent make-up, massage, and well oh eyelash extentions...