Wednesday, September 9, 2009

College Takes Up So Much Time

I had no I idea this crazy college idea was going to be such a pain in the ass. Last semester when The Donald took his online classes through Hillsboro they were super easy!! These that we are taking at Clarendon are tuff!!! I am taking a computer class that is crazy extensive and confusing! My Us History class is OK I guess lots of writing, 2 essays, a lecture response, a quiz, and a test for every chapter its really a lot plus reading the chapter. My music class is going good I think the teacher might be crazy all the summer semester stuff is all still up and no fall semester stuff, its bizarre.P.E. well its kind of a joke. It's called walking for fitness all I do is log any walking or work out I do and turn it n at mid semester and the end of the semester. Then there is Orientation I have to attend on Mondays but it is super easy so far! But They take up so much time and energy I don't have any free time of any sort!!! Alot has been gong on in the last few weeks.....
THE Donald and I got a new kid a girlfriend of sort for Pistol. Her name is Ruby she is also a pure breed crogi. We plan to have little corgi pups before to terribly long, its a new fun adventure for us!!! We also went to pick up another horse for me,Grey, to rope off of because I am tired of watching everyone else rope!! And of course school started. We finally got the new make up line in at the salon,its been crazy. We have unpacked boxes done inventory and priced everything plus gone through training. This weekend we are taking merchandise to the Quanah Fall Festival to sell and advertise the i.d.bareMinerals. The new hairdresser started today,Cassidy, I really enjoy the company, at least one day a week!!! I hope it really works out!!!

That's my craziness for now until next time
Party Like A Pirate

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bye Bye Belly

Finally it only took 3 months and -34lbs. later my belly is leaving me. I am super duper extra ecstatic my pooch is going going almost gone!!!! My stomach is looking flatter and flatter everyday I don't think it has every looked so good!!! Everything is smaller, I went bra shopping, yes again, this past weekend and bought just one.... It was weird I tried on the size I haven't worn since little Jr.high no joke. It was crazy to see such a little thing on me I was not used to being a D. I am loving every second of it though.... I will have new pics soon.

Compliments have been great but some I don't really know how to take.... This lady here in town (she is super skinny) said to me "Kacy you walked in and it was like half of you was gone!" I thought to myself well was i really that big.... My other favorite is "You look so good, I never thought you needed to lose any weight, but you look soooo good NOW!" people just make me laugh.... And again compliments are great just some a phrased a little off...

School School School

Ok so finally at the age of 23yrs. I decide to start college, I am such a grown up... I am taking 5 classes for a total of 13 college hours, but I only have to actually go to class on Mondays for about 55min. I can't really complain its all online. The first week has been good, now the first day wow was it confusing there online classes aren't set up the same as Hill college. (where THE Donald went last year) Just getting use to the different set up was a little bit frustrating more for THE Donald than me but still frustrating. So in History nothing is due for a while but we have to read 3 long and boring chapters. So the over achiever I was trying to be I took my book last night and planed on reading a bit while THE Donald roped. I got about 4 pages in all comfy in the front seat of the pick up and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I feel right asleep I guess I needed a nap. Hopefully I can make it a little further next time.

FYI, THE Donal will be using my page a bit for one of his classes reading/writing. So if there are a few things that you think to yourself why did Kacy post that I Probably DIDN'T........

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