Sunday, March 14, 2010


SO 4yrs, 2 break ups, who knows how many miles or cities THE Donald and I are finally engaged!!! My ring is beautiful......

He was really funny about it... It was a Tuesday night March 9 after I got home from work and school... I had a bit of an idea he was going to he was acting a little weird.
We sat down to watch tv and he was rubbing on my hand like a goober and slid the ring on my finger and said "I guess you wanna get married?"
How sweet right.... I love him he is mine!!!!

The Honor System...Old Ladies Steal too

THE Donald and I went to Wal-mart to do a bit of grocery shopping the other day.....THE Donald was super tired and didn't want to cruise around with me so he sat on the bench by the fountain drink and pastry concession stand. He was just minding his own business people watching when a little old lady walked up to him. This sweet little elderly lady leaned over and ask THE Donald "DO you want a drink young man?" THE Donald is so polite and told her "no thank you". This sweet little woman then went on to tell him the fountain drinks cost $1 but its on the honor system and she never pays, just gets a free drink every time she comes. THE Donald just cracked up laughing and almost couldn't tell me that a little old lady was trying to get steal a coke at Wal-mart..... She was a precious lady I wanted a pic with her lol....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Home!!!!

So THE Donald and I have been looking for land and a house to expand your lives.....and THE Donald needs some room to train, ride, and rope. We heard about a house and land back in October that wasn't for sale yet but sounded perfect for what we wanted. We called and called to check on it and it finally went up for sell when we got home from Vegas. When immediately called and ran to Hollis to look at the property even took our parents to check it out too when they came for Christmas. I was a little skeptical at first because it was so much smaller of than the house we lived in in Estelline or the house I lived in Ft. Worth. The house is so adorable and it took looking and really imagining my things in it. I don't think I could walk away from a great home and 50 acres. We looked over everything and decided we loved it and made a really reasonable offer on it......We had a quick response with the offer and they took it....WOOT WOOT!!!! So here it is......

SO we have closed on it and started the remodeling process.......

Mega Cab

Well since October our life has been wild and crazy for sure, but we wouldn't have it any other way. THE Donald finally found a pick-up after a month and a half of looking...... When he first sold Silver (the ford f250) we looked and look on the internet to find anything a, chevy, dodge, ford, he didn't really care at that point. He found a nice blue chevy 1 ton close to Houston that he wanted to look at and did. He was there for 3 days liked it but it had a raddle so the dealership was gonna fix it but found out it was a major issue... needless to say THE Donald said no thanks. THE Donald was a bit discouraged and went back to the computer hard core he was on it day and night....He found a few on ebay and on that he really liked in Vernon. So he called am made the guy a deal on it and the sales man didn't want to work with him so he just kept looking....A month later he was surfing the web and realized the truck was still in Vernon so he called again and a different sales guy took 2000 less then THE Donald offered the first time CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.... But THE Donald loves his 2007 Dodge Mega Cab it is very functional for our lives, its been awesome.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trucks.....Got One?

Well its been a crazy crazy week THE Donald sold his truck last week and hasn't found another he wen to Houston to look at a Chevy was there 3 days and came home still truckless. He got home at 3:30am thursday night and of course we are suppose to leave early Friday to head to my Mom's then Indy for the FFA Convention. So, we have been looking on every web site there is to find one. We found a really nice Megacab we really liked in Bonham. We planed on leaving Fri morning but didn't get gone until about 1pm and headed straight to Bonham. We let the sales guy know we were on the way to look at it and would be there about 7:30 or 8 and he told us no problem. Well we pulled in and found the sales guy and ask where the megacab was....his reply was "Oh it sold like 20mins. ago "No &#%@ing Way" we were PISSED so then he tried to sell THE Donald everything but what he wanted. THE Donald said Let's GO NOW!!! By this tim it's 10pm and we still had to drop the two corgi brats, Pistol and Ruby, off in Weatherford with Matt and Taylor, then off to Mom's. So another late night and early morning and MORE driving......Off to Indy..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Drinks Gone Wrong


So last night a group of us went out for Sara's birthday for a drink at Wired Wabbit her in the big city of Childress, America. So our "Group" consisted of Myself, THE Donald, Sara & Josh, and Sara's brother Johnny. So let me just give you a run down of what the inside of The Wired Wabbit looks like...... There is a big long bar on one wall and tables in front of the bar which take up half the room, the other half consist of a dance floor, pool table, and yes a stripper pole (no stripper though..and clothes must stay on) oh and don't for get the naked girl painted on the wall(about the only place in Childress that serves alcohol). So we sat down at a big table in the middle of the place and ordered drinks, THE Donald and I got food too, and it wasn't too busy but there were some characters in there. Two guys about our age sat at the table next to us and chatted a bit there were a bunch of men were at the bar,a few couples at other tables, and one old man sitting in the corner with a younger guy. So let me elaborate about "the old man"..... He had no teeth not one, he smoked like a freight train, poor guy was just old white trash...His tongue was out of control! It was in his mouth moving around out of his mouth moving around really scaring everyone except the guy sitting with him.
So we sing Sara "Happy Birthday" the bartender bring her a "blow job" (a shot) they make her drink with no hands we hoop and holler having a good time.....then....the creepy white-trash crazy 8inch long tongue guy with no teeth walks over to our table and begs Sara to dance with him.Of course she is horrified and says "OH NO I Can't Dance!!" So he asks again and again. After Sara said NO for the third time he precedes to tell her his friend at the table will strip for her birthday. By this time Sara and I are laughing so hard at this creepy guy we can barley breath. After that little stunt he danced by himself and his friend left. He sat quietly at his table by himself for a while and we had a few drinks finishing the night up. Josh, Sara, and Johnny decided it was time for them to go home but THE Donald's friend Ryan showed up to play some pool so we hung out for a while. Well the little table in the corner the old white trash guy was sitting at just happened to be right next to the pool table. Well Ryan in a funny guy and likes to give everyone a hard time or just make fun of you. THE Donald and Ryan began playing pool, every time I looked at Ryan he stuck his tongue out and rolled it around at me like the creepy guy. While that was going on creepy guy was trying to help THE Donald play pool telling where and what ball to shoot at so I wasn't sure who to laugh at I was just laughing. Finally Ryan and THE Donald introduce there selves to this old dude claiming to be FRED and Donny. Then introduced me as Stacey but we never got a name from old dude... So the next game of pool Ryan aka Fred talk old white trash dude into playing....Tried to get him to bet a $100 on the game or "buy a round for the house" but old w.t. dude said "Oh No I don't bet on pool. So Ryan broke and then scratched shortly after... old w.t. dude stood t the end of the table and studied the balls on the table really concentrating on what he was gonna go with that tongue just going wild with Ryan not far behind him with his tongue going wild.. I couldn't even stand there still uncontrollably laughing I had to almost walk away. But he finally shot the ball and didn't hit a damn thing which made it that much funnier. By the time they finally finished that game I was ready to go...So we paid out and told the people we knew bye I waived and walked really fast past the old w.t.dude. Ryan & THE Donald weren't as smart as me, Ryan got a hand shake from him and headed for the truck and THE Donald well....poor guy got a half hug, a hand shake, and a crumbled up posted note.....So we get outside and he uncrumbles the note and reads it just shaking his head. THE Donald hands me the post it and says I think the old w.t. dude meant to give this to you or Sara.... Looking down I read the note

It Said......


I screamed and about peed my pants laughing and took it to Ryan to read.... Ryan just told THE Donald "I knew he was looking at you funny with that tongue just going crazy, he wanted you man..." So I then had to call Sara and tell her what happened. She just died laughing too and told THE Donald "See he was just talking to me to get to you" So we went out and THE Donald got a phone number and a new boyfriend.....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Costume Party

Josh Prater WOW so Josh Turned 21 and decided he wanted to have a Costume Party!!! Sounded great to all of us....until we found out what Josh's costume was going to be I quickly told his girlfriend Sara I was uninviting myself......As shown in the pics below Josh came as a life gaurd with his speedo and youth med shirt which on the back read "Don't Hassell The Hoff" It was like a car wreck the more you tired not to look the more you stared!!! But he had a great time and love the personalized beer mugs THE Donald and I got him.

All of us girls......

We got ready before the party at "Sisters" (my salon). Jaclyn, Steph and her friend Joleen showed up shortly after Sara, Summit, and I started getting our hair, make-up, and costumes on. I had a BEER KEG costume to wear but the girls voted and said I was not allowed to wear it.....since I lost 44lbs I had to wear a cutesy costume.....So Sara dug out a Pixie/fairy costume she wore last year and it was perfect. THE Donald wasn't too excited about dressing up so he wore tennis shoes (which he never does) and a t-shirt, the minute he walked in Sara hollered "He is wearing Tennis Shoes....What the #%@&!!!" And Josh proceeded to caress him.....

And Josh tells THE Donald "I am so proud of you, you weren't even nervous!!!"
As the night went on It got pretty crazy with all the drinking these crazy people were doing, which THE Donald and I weren't...We both had one drink...THE Donald had a Red Bull* and Vodka and I had a glass of wine and some cottage cheese....

Since I have lost so much weight I wasn't about to eat the chips and cheese dip for dinner so I brought my Lara Bar and My Cottage Cheese and got made fun of but that's ok cause I looked good doing it!!! We had a blast hanging out for Joshes b-day! It's getting really close to THE Donald's B-day October 28th and Mine December 25th YEAH!!! We will both turn the big 24. Super Excited to be back to blogging!!!

Party Like a Pixie!!!

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