Thursday, October 1, 2009

Costume Party

Josh Prater WOW so Josh Turned 21 and decided he wanted to have a Costume Party!!! Sounded great to all of us....until we found out what Josh's costume was going to be I quickly told his girlfriend Sara I was uninviting myself......As shown in the pics below Josh came as a life gaurd with his speedo and youth med shirt which on the back read "Don't Hassell The Hoff" It was like a car wreck the more you tired not to look the more you stared!!! But he had a great time and love the personalized beer mugs THE Donald and I got him.

All of us girls......

We got ready before the party at "Sisters" (my salon). Jaclyn, Steph and her friend Joleen showed up shortly after Sara, Summit, and I started getting our hair, make-up, and costumes on. I had a BEER KEG costume to wear but the girls voted and said I was not allowed to wear it.....since I lost 44lbs I had to wear a cutesy costume.....So Sara dug out a Pixie/fairy costume she wore last year and it was perfect. THE Donald wasn't too excited about dressing up so he wore tennis shoes (which he never does) and a t-shirt, the minute he walked in Sara hollered "He is wearing Tennis Shoes....What the #%@&!!!" And Josh proceeded to caress him.....

And Josh tells THE Donald "I am so proud of you, you weren't even nervous!!!"
As the night went on It got pretty crazy with all the drinking these crazy people were doing, which THE Donald and I weren't...We both had one drink...THE Donald had a Red Bull* and Vodka and I had a glass of wine and some cottage cheese....

Since I have lost so much weight I wasn't about to eat the chips and cheese dip for dinner so I brought my Lara Bar and My Cottage Cheese and got made fun of but that's ok cause I looked good doing it!!! We had a blast hanging out for Joshes b-day! It's getting really close to THE Donald's B-day October 28th and Mine December 25th YEAH!!! We will both turn the big 24. Super Excited to be back to blogging!!!

Party Like a Pixie!!!

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