Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trucks.....Got One?

Well its been a crazy crazy week THE Donald sold his truck last week and hasn't found another he wen to Houston to look at a Chevy was there 3 days and came home still truckless. He got home at 3:30am thursday night and of course we are suppose to leave early Friday to head to my Mom's then Indy for the FFA Convention. So, we have been looking on every web site there is to find one. We found a really nice Megacab we really liked in Bonham. We planed on leaving Fri morning but didn't get gone until about 1pm and headed straight to Bonham. We let the sales guy know we were on the way to look at it and would be there about 7:30 or 8 and he told us no problem. Well we pulled in and found the sales guy and ask where the megacab was....his reply was "Oh it sold like 20mins. ago "No &#%@ing Way" we were PISSED so then he tried to sell THE Donald everything but what he wanted. THE Donald said Let's GO NOW!!! By this tim it's 10pm and we still had to drop the two corgi brats, Pistol and Ruby, off in Weatherford with Matt and Taylor, then off to Mom's. So another late night and early morning and MORE driving......Off to Indy..

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